Bellwether Wool Company<br>

Bellwether Wool Company is the product store for Blakesley Creek Farm and Dayspring Farm, a friend-based partnership in Oregon's coastal foothills near Philomath.

Dayspring Farm

At home in a wooded valley, Linda's select flock produces beautiful wool for handspinners, felters and other fiber enthusiasts in a range from the bright white of Cormos and creamier luster of Border Leicesters, through natural gray, moorit and black of Romeldale and Ramboulliet crossbreds.Dayspring Farms is pleased to offer fine Cormo fiber (17-22 microns) as well as medium and long-wool fiber. Coated year-round, these fleeces are exceptionally clean. Other offerings include raw wool, lamb meat, pelts, a few specialty yarns and specialty spinning accessories.

Linda offers private and semi-private spinning instruction, and we welcome visitors year-round.

Blakesley Creek Farm

A visit to Blakesley Creek Farm in the beautiful Oregon coastal foothills of Benton County in western Oregon is a treat for the whole family. Springtime brings baby lambs & Angora bunnies, and the beginning of the summer garden. The chickens and peacocks scurry around hunting for bugs. Early spring brings shearing and the fleeces are readied for sale. The alpacas are searching the pasture for new blades of grass, while the dogs get rowdy and play in the spring sunshine.Our farm has been actively involved in the introduction and upgrade program of Wensleydale sheep from the United Kingdom for the past decade and belongs to the North American Wensleydale Sheep Association. Alpacas and German Angora Rabbits also find a home on the farm.Besides roving, Blakesley Creek Farm offers raw wool, tanned pelts, locker lambs, and breeding quality sheep, lambs and German Angora Rabbits.

Lois will happily give farm tours, especially to 4-H and elementary school groups. Call ahead to schedule a visit.

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