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Bellwether Wool Company brings you colorful fiber roving, batts and yarns produced with care and love. As the product store for Blakesley Creek Farm and Dayspring Farm, we are a friend-based partnership in Oregon's coastal foothills near Philomath.

Bellwether's wool is raised on our two small, western Oregon farms. After the sheep are sheared, the wool is washed, dyed and shipped off to be processed into roving. The processors re-wash and card our wool (roving), and finally it's drawn through a series of pins to make it smooth - and a dream to spin.  'Pin-drafted' roving is similar to top or sliver, but retains the character of the wool and its breed. We raise Cormo, Wensleydale, Border and Blue-faced Leicester, as well as fiber rabbits and alpacas. 

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$4.50 per ounce Blue Lagoon Combed Top
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$4.50 per ounce Mist Roving
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$4.50 per ounce Tequila Sunrise Roving
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